Top Ten Tips for writing Your CV

Writing CVs can be stressful and you may be unsure of what the content should include! The Careers and Employability Centre have come up with ten tips for writing your CV!

1.    Keep it relative – tell them what they need to know to assess you against the job you are applying for

2.    You should tailor your CV every time you use it to connect as strongly as possible with the new job you are applying to

3.    It should be typically no longer than two sides of A4 in length

4.    Think about whether a chronological CV or a modern skills based CV is best for you in presenting your information and connection to the job.

5.    With ‘Work Experience’ – focus on related experiences (if you have them) and other work experience can be just headlines (unless this is all the experience you have – then make the most of it!)

6.    When detailing your work experience focus on achievements over a list of duties and responsibilities

7.    If you lack related work experience consider discussing academic projects as a means to demonstrate how you can apply knowledge and skills to resolve industry issues.

8.    Consider the visual impact of your CV and its audience – is it as professional as the content? – lime green paper with pink print and graphic images may not go down well with a legal firm but may catch the eye of a design consultancy!

9.    Focus on your Highers and your degree, employers tend to skim over Standard grades or GCSEs – use this space to tell them something more interesting and current about yourself.

10.     Don’t just assume that because you understand stacking shelves in a supermarket or playing sport for an organised team means you have evidence of transferable skills that the reader will make that link – if you want your experience to be understood in a certain way – be explicit about how you talk about that experience.

Hopefully this was helpful for you and now you know a bit more about what to include in your CV!

Will Ritchie

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