Shrove Tuesday

Shrove Tuesday is an annual holiday celebrated all over the UK . Most people refer to it as Pancake Day. Pancakes are one of the easiest meals to make, they don’t require alot of ingredients, they are quick, cheap and delicious!

Here are a number of alternative recipes for your Pancake Day this year:


Dairy Free Pancakes

These are perfect for someone who can’t have dairy or just wants to change things up! Why not try using Coconut milk or hemp milk or even water instead of dairy and use oil instead of butter.


Gluten-free pancakes

There are many brands of flour mixes that provide gluten-free flour but if you can’t find any you can make banana pancakes! All you need is milk, eggs, baking powder and bananas. It’s so easy and you wouldn’t know the difference.


Egg-free pancakes

Can’t have eggs? No problem, you can still enjoy pancakes! Simply take out the eggs and add everything else. They still taste amazing!


Vegan Pancakes

Vegan pancakes are a great alternative and still taste amazing! You just take out the eggs and dairy! You can replace with soy milk and vegetable oil.



These are classed as a more traditional pancake for Shrove Tuesday, most pre mixed batters you buy in the shops will give you a crepe like outcome. These are really easy to make and take minutes! The mixture is quite thin so will produce thinner pancakes, it is common to have these with a variety of toppings such as syrup, bananas, chocolate sauce and strawberries.


Scotch pancakes

For those who like something a bit fluffier, you might enjoy a Scotch pancake! The mixture tends to be thicker and produces thick fluffy pancakes that are perfect on their own or with butter!

Will you be making anything for Pancake Day this year?

Katie x


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