Visit Stonehaven

If you need a getaway from Aberdeen and you would like to visit other beautiful destinations in Scotland, I would highly recommend you visit one of my favourite places, the beautiful harbour town; Stonehaven. The town is ideal to spend a day there as a little get away from the everyday grayness in the Granite City. Stonehaven is easily approachable in less than an hour by train or by bus. In this post I would like to give some tips what to do in Stonehaven.


I would recommend choosing a sunny day for the trip but whether the weather is sunny or rainy you will see the breath taking beauty of the town. Fairly we are able to call it a little pearl by the sea.


Everyone can find something interesting in the town; If you are into history, I highly recommend you to visit Stonehaven Tolbooth Museum. Which is the one of the oldest buildings in the town. The museum was built to be the storehouse for Dunnottar Castle, but later the ground floor was used as a prison while the upper floor was Stonehaven’s Tolbooth. After the 1950’s the building was renovated and the ground floor became a museum while the top floor is now used as a separate restaurant.


Stonehaven’s main attraction is the Dunnottar Castle, which situated on the edge of a cliff outside the town. Even if you are not into history, you should visit the castle as it’s ranked one of the most beautiful castles in Scotland, and provides an amazing view and amazing photo opportunity visitors. After visiting the Castle, you should walk along the coast, on your way to the beach you can also visit the war memorial which was built in memory for First World War’s victim.


After the long walk on the beach you should reward yourself with the most delicious ice cream ever. Aunty Betty’s is located just along the beach. It has huge variety of rich flavoured ice cream which includes dairy and gluten free options so everyone can find what they’re looking for. Aunty Betty’s ice cream makes the perfect ending to your little Stonehaven getaway.

I would highly recommend a trip here!


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