New year, new me?

Well well well, it has definitely been far too long since I last did a post, but a lot has happened, let me tell you! My last post talked about me starting university again as a postgraduate student (still feels weird to say that!) and at this point, it actually feels like I never left. I am still a community assistant for RGU Res:Life, and still have an interest in RGU GoGreen but haven’t spent as much time volunteering with them as I thought I would.


The first semester of my masters has been extremely full on to say the least, and in all honesty, I’m glad it is out of the way! However, whilst the majority travelled home, or stayed in Aberdeen, and probably had a wonderful holiday season, I was stuck with tonsillitis in bed, watching far too much daytime television, wondering how I was ever going to be well enough to do anything again (over dramatic I know). I had to miss my first exam, and hopefully will be sitting it in May, but thankfully was feeling much better by my second exam, and if my mark reflects how I felt it went, then I will be a very happy student! Keep every body part crossed for me!

Safe to say I am pretty much recovered, and may have a couple sniffles, but am feeling far more positive about the year ahead. I don’t really tend to stick to resolutions, so I haven’t set any, but as the saying goes “new year, new me”, I am holding myself to that. I want to have a bit more self-love in my life, and really treat my body in a more positive way. If I stick to a routine of exercise, healthy food, working hard, and embracing new opportunities, I think 2017 will be my year. I had sort of lost faith with the disaster that 2016 had been, so I am seeing the year ahead to be a fresh start, and hopefully become a better version of myself for it.

For anyone who is just starting their first year at university, try not to feel overwhelmed, everyone is in the same boat, and a bit of hard truths, the years ahead only become harder. Find the balance of working hard, and making time to enjoy yourself, and you will not regret a moment.

Anyways, I should probably get back to the daily grind with the coursework I have due before second semester starts, but good luck to everyone in the year ahead! I promise I will get back into writing more posts again!
Until next time,

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