RGU:Union works to represent the interests of students and works in partnership with RGU to listen to student feedback and make improvements to live at university. On Thursday 16th February 2017, the students’ Union is hosting its Annual General Meeting from 4:30pm in the Amphitheatre of the Sir Ian Wood Building. All students are automatically members of RGU:Union and the meeting is an important chance for students to have their voices heard and put forward ideas for change.


The purpose of the AGM is to give students an update on the work that the Union is doing and any new projects that it is launching. The meeting is hosted by the elected Presidents and Vice Presidents and students have a chance to ask questions to the elected team on their activities and plans for the year. Finally, the AGM allows students to present, debate and vote for changes to university.


These ideas could be about changing the structures and processes of the Union, or perhaps about a change students want to see at the university and that the Union should be working towards. Any student can put forward an idea through the Union website, if an idea is passed at the meeting, this then becomes Union policy and the elected team will work to try and make this happen.

At the AGM in 2016, students put forward a motion to see exams moved before Christmas. That motion passed, so the Union went to work to try to change the calendar. We ran an initial survey to gather further feedback, we blocked the passing of future calendars by the Academic Council and got a university Working Group set up. We ran a big survey getting over 1,700 responses with over 70% of students wanting to see exams before Christmas. Finally, we reviewed proposed calendars, and designed a new academic calendar taking into consideration student feedback and staff feedback.


This new proposed calendar is being recommended by the Working Group and just needs final approval from Academic Council before being changed in 2018/19. This is all in just one year! This is a powerful example of how important the student voice is, and that when the Union and University work in partnership to make changes, students can be involved in huge decisions for the university.

We encourage all RGU students to make sure their voices are heard. If you have an idea, no matter how big or small, the AGM is your chance to make change. We hope as many students as possible come along to the meeting, and we’ll have a big prize of £200 worth of holiday vouchers, and of course free pizza! Find out more about the AGM.

Edward Pollock

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