STEM Graduate scheme

Being asked to be a ‘guest blogger’ on the RGU student blog has provided STEM Graduates the perfect opportunity to introduce ourselves professionally to students and graduates from the university and allows us to tell you a little bit about the company.

What is STEM Graduates?

We are essentially a recruitment agency or job board for graduates that have completed degrees from the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics disciplines. We choose to focus on these candidates as they possess a unique skill set and the career needs that can only be met by a specialist within this field. Our aim at STEM Graduates is to provide professional support and guidance for our graduates as they take their first steps into the world of work. We focus on building our network on social media by utilizing careers group on LinkedIn and offer advice through regularly updated blog posts and articles, giving top tips on difficult aspects such as interviews and CVs. We also address the problems with gender balance within the STEM industry, through the marketing of Stemwomen, where the aim is to inspire female students through the content we produce.

So, what do we advertise?

Our focus is on advertising graduate schemes, through a search engine on our website, with named employers who want to target current students. We want to find graduates permanent, salaried graduate schemes in the STEM industry, where they can make the most of their degree and fulfill a career in their desired subject area.
We also welcome graduates with experience to use our website, as we offer a recruitment agency service where we introduced pre-screened graduates to companies if we think they are well-suited to a job role. Graduates with experience are very valuable as they have knowledge of the industry. We allow candidates to register their CVs to our website, which also enables them to receive the latest job alerts related to your chosen criteria.


How does STEM Graduates work?

Some vacancies on our website will have the STEM logo beside it because employers have asked our company to provide a shortlist of candidates for the role. We assign one of our recruitment consultants for each assignment, who then create a list of suitable candidates. They then call up the candidates to discuss the position in detail. When happy with their selection of strong graduates, we forward their CV to the hiring company. It is then up to our recruitment consultants to schedule interviews for graduates, relay feedback the company has given them and, if successful, present job offers!


Over the past 5 years STEM has introduced hundreds of graduates to employers. Many have joined SME’s (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises) and assisted graduates to large employers that offer graduate schemes.

If you’re interested in finding more information about STEM go to our website.

STEM graduates

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