3 Months Into My Placement – Stewart

The opportunity to pursue a placement year was something that attracted me to RGU right from the start, when applying to university. The thought of gaining industry experience in place of 3rd year study was something I knew would stand out on my CV and hoped it would give me a better understanding of the types of career options that are available after university. Also the chance to be earning a salary while still being a student is a massive bonus!


I have really enjoyed the first 3 months of my Placement as a Digital Content Assistant and have already learned so much. Being able to see first-hand how all the different areas of business, that I have studied over the past two years, fit together in the workplace helps a lot in understanding their importance! I’ve already been able to develop useful skills that I wouldn’t have had the chance to otherwise. Being able to apply what I have learned in first 1st and 2nd year is really beneficial and being able to see how the new skills that I am developing will reflect on my CV is good motivation to work hard. To be given everyday responsibility and get into a working routine is a good feeling, and the time passes quickly. Being able to work and learn in a team of professionals in the central marketing office is great experience to have whilst still being a student, and everyone is supportive and helpful.


When applying for placements throughout 2nd year I didn’t have a clear understanding of what I actually wanted to do. But since starting in September, my placement has encouraged me to think far more about the options available to me and I’ve put a lot more research into finding what it is I want to do.

On a day to day basis I have a number of responsibilities and I am involved in a number of different projects. My role in primarily producing visual digital content is really enjoyable but at the same time challenging. I am often asked to photograph or video various events, people and facilities to then be used in a wide variety of ways. I’m also responsible for taking photographs and creating content for Instagram and the student blog which I personally really appreciate because  I have a strong interest in photography.


My first three months have been great, and I am really looking forward to developing my skills and knowledge over the rest of the year ahead. There are so many positives to doing a placement year and as RGU offers so many opportunities I’d strongly encourage students to consider it as part of your degree.



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