My experience as an international student

At RGU we are currently participating in the campaign ‘Scotland Welcomes the World’. From the minute I started my course at RGU, I could see how many different nationalities attend the university and I was happy to be in the middle of such a multicultural environment. So as part of this campaign I thought I would talk about how Scotland welcomed me.


Firstly, I will start off with why I chose Scotland. Whilst researching universities all across Europe – I decided to stick to European Union countries to avoid needing visas and being too far from home – the United Kingdom was the top of my list due to the fact that it was an English speaking country, seeing as English is one of the official languages in Malta this was an important factor for me. However, along with the UK I had a few other countries on my list. I did a lot of research on the other countries and looked at Scotland and England separately as well. While asking for opinions, a lot of my family members have visited or lived in Scotland, and I have always heard about how Scottish people are some of the nicest and most welcoming people and this image helped put Scotland at that the top of my list.

Of course I spent a lot of my time doing my research, and finally picked Scotland due to the long list of pros on my list. When I arrived here on my first day I could quickly see how welcoming and helpful Scottish people were. For the past few years I have been here, I have come to love Scotland as my second home and do not regret moving here. Everyone is so friendly, the majority of my friends are in fact Scottish, but what I love most is the number of different nationalities I have met while I have been here. All of this goes along with my love of Scotland’s scenery, the different towns and cities – it leaves you with so much to explore!


Scotland as well as RGU has been a great choice for me. It helped make my move to a different country so easy to get used to. I never felt out of place or excluded and there is always plenty of help available all around. I have enjoyed getting used to all the different Scottish accents, seeing so many different parts of Scotland (and still being amazed each time) and meeting so many different cultures. I would never go back on my decision to move here!

I would love to know what was the main factor that made you move to Scotland?

Read more about Scotland Welcomes the World

Petra x

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