Being sustainable at RGU

As an environmental science student at RGU, sustainability and living a more eco-friendly life are things I feel strongly about. So when I heard about RGU’s GoGreen sustainability project, I was instantly intrigued.After speaking with a couple of people and finding out some more information on the project, I decided to volunteer. Unfortunately due to a chaotic semester, I did not do as much as I had hoped, but did help with their vegetable bag collective. I think this scheme is brilliant as it supports local produce, which is organic, and I can say first hand, delicious and very affordable on a student budget!


Whilst on the topic of food, the Zero Waste Café held at a local community centre is probably GoGreen’s most successful and brilliant initiative. Some may say it was an ambitious project, but it has certainly delivered and even made the news. The way the café works is by using “rescued” food which otherwise would have been thrown away, and creating delicious, free meals for students and local community members alike to come along and enjoy on a Friday night. All meals are cooked by the very committed GoGreen volunteers and allow everyone who comes along to relax with entertainment ranging from open mic nights, to film screenings and inspiring talks.



Do the GoGreen projects end there? Of course not! They also provide Energy Advice services and training for students to actually perform audits and fit energy monitors into homes around Aberdeen to save the community money on their energy bills! As part of this project, GoGreen always challenge students in halls to think about energy usage, which I personally think is really important.
I could go on and on about everything else that GoGreen do, but everything can be explained on their Facebook page which provides regular updates on what happens at RGU and in the wider world in terms of sustainability and going green for yourself.

I definitely will try and spend more time volunteering for GoGreen this semester because the work they do is really invaluable and they deserve all the support and success in what they do.

Until next time,

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