RGU Nightline

Nightline is a service run by students for students, to listen and give information. We are open at night, when students can feel most alone, as there are fewer options for people to turn to. We are open from 8pm-8am during term time, and answer emails, instant messages and phone calls from students who need somebody to talk to.
There are many reasons why students get in touch with us: everything from being locked out of their flat, all the way to wanting to talk through issues that they don’t feel comfortable talking to people they know about.

As a service we have 6 principles that we follow: confidential; anonymous; non-judgemental; non-directional; non-advisory. This means that students can contact us about anything without having to feel ashamed. However, we are not an advice service, so while we can give information that is asked for, we will listen and talk through issues with students without telling them what to do.

I personally love what Nightline does, as a stressed out student, I can relate to a lot of the issues that come through our service. It helps to make my experience of university seem a bit more normal! It’s nice to know that I’m not alone in feeling lost, worried or anxious about my workload or making friends. I want to help others feel less lonely or alone during their course, that’s the reason I became involved with Nightline.


So if you have an issue that you want to get off of your chest, or you’re just really missing your dog, please get in touch with our listeners on:
Phone: 01224 263643
Instant Messenger

*None of the people shown in the photos are our listeners, they are either committee members or public facing volunteers. We haven’t shown listeners to keep confidentiality and anonymity for both our volunteers and our users.*

RGU Nightline team 🙂

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