Month: February 2017

Psychometric Test Tips!

If you’re completing an online application you might be asked to answer a series of numerical reasoning questions as part of the process. Similarly, you could be asked to do so if you’re at an assessment centre. The Careers and Employability centre get asked frequently by students what they can do to improve in this area so they have put together some tips to share with you! (more…)

Shrove Tuesday

Shrove Tuesday is an annual holiday celebrated all over the UK . Most people refer to it as Pancake Day. Pancakes are one of the easiest meals to make, they don’t require alot of ingredients, they are quick, cheap and delicious! (more…)

Visit Stonehaven

If you need a getaway from Aberdeen and you would like to visit other beautiful destinations in Scotland, I would highly recommend you visit one of my favourite places, the beautiful harbour town; Stonehaven. The town is ideal to spend a day there as a little get away from the everyday grayness in the Granite City. Stonehaven is easily approachable in less than an hour by train or by bus. In this post I would like to give some tips what to do in Stonehaven. (more…)

The RGU GoGreen Zero Waste Community Café

RGU GoGreen are a project that aim to spread the word about environmental topics and provide tools, opportunities, training and volunteering to encourage us all to take care of our planet. As one of their main projects GoGreen have opened a zero waste community café. (more…)

Tackling my exams

Hi guys

Hope you all had an amazing Christmas and are enjoying the New Year. After having officially started in semester two, I feel it is only appropriate to talk about one thing – Exams. (more…)

Assessment centre tips

Our Careers team have been providing us with a series of blog posts towards those who are job seeking or soon to be job seeking. This post gives tips about attending assessment centres. (more…)

New year, new me?

Well well well, it has definitely been far too long since I last did a post, but a lot has happened, let me tell you! My last post talked about me starting university again as a postgraduate student (still feels weird to say that!) and at this point, it actually feels like I never left. I am still a community assistant for RGU Res:Life, and still have an interest in RGU GoGreen but haven’t spent as much time volunteering with them as I thought I would. (more…)


RGU:Union works to represent the interests of students and works in partnership with RGU to listen to student feedback and make improvements to live at university. On Thursday 16th February 2017, the students’ Union is hosting its Annual General Meeting from 4:30pm in the Amphitheatre of the Sir Ian Wood Building. All students are automatically members of RGU:Union and the meeting is an important chance for students to have their voices heard and put forward ideas for change. (more…)

Places to go on Valentine’s Day (Or any day!)

Valentine’s Day is approaching and you might be struggling to think of something to do. Here are a list of alternative things to do in Aberdeen this Valentine’s Day! (more…)