Safe Taxi scheme

It’s Freshers! Have you had a late one and your phone has died and you have no transport home? Or maybe you have lost your wallet and can’t pay for a taxi? Well at RGU:Union they have a service that can rescue you in these scary situations: Safe Taxi Scheme.


The Safe Taxi Scheme is a service provided by the Student Union  in collaboration with Rainbow City Taxis.


How it all works:

You’ve found yourself in a tough situation.

You call  Rainbow City Taxis on 01224 878787 and book a taxi using the account name ‘Safe Taxi’ while stating your university and student ID number.

Once your designated taxi arrives, hand over your student card where they will safely store it for the meantime. You should collect a receipt from the driver once you have arrived safely.

You can then collect your student card from the RGU:Union Office in Garthdee, after you receive a confirmation e-mail to pay the fare.

The scheme is for all RGU and University of Aberdeen students who have a valid student ID card and number.

The union have an account with Rainbow City Taxis and pay the fares on the scheme. Students then have to pay back the fare in order to receive their student card back and are notified when they are returned to the office.


There is a £25 limit for any journey and misuse of the service would be investigated, however if you are in financial hardship you can take this up with the RGU:Union.
This is a great scheme that is available for us! Make sure to make a note of the number so that if you ever find yourself in a dangerous situation or you are stranded with no money you can get in touch with Rainbow City Taxis and they will collect you. Just call 01224 878787. Find out more about the scheme on the RGU:Union website!

Katie x


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