Scotland Welcomes the World

The other day I was invited to speak on behalf of RGU in an interview for a video that will be shown at a special event called ‘Scotland Welcomes the World’. The campaign is being led by Universities Scotland to promote Scotland as a diverse, multicultural and inclusive country which values its international students and wider community. It will celebrate the European and international staff and students that are already part of Scotland’s HE community, sharing a message of welcome with the rest of the world.

The project sounded like a great opportunity for me to promote how awesome RGU is and that Scotland welcomes all international students with open arms.


I know that when I first started uni I was really nervous and I didn’t know who I’d meet there. One year later I have had the pleasure of connecting with so many amazing and interesting people who have made my time at RGU brilliant.

During the interview I was asked a number of questions on what I have learned from my international friends, how they have impacted my life and what I think their opinion is of Scotland.


The footage that has been recorded was shown at a Burns Night event on the 24th of January for all attending and conveyed what both international and Scottish students think about Scotland being international and what it means to live here.

If you would like to know more about Scotland Welcomes the World and watch the video you can visit the website!

Katie x

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