3 Months into my placement as a Digital Content Assistant

It’s been three months since I started my placement with the marketing team at RGU as a Digital Content Assistant. Where has the time gone?

I remember back to my first day how I felt walking into the building, so many thoughts passed as I sat waiting to be introduced to the team. I was both excited and cautious, I had never done anything like this before and I didn’t know if I could do it. I was eager to try though.

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Throughout this process I have learned so much. I have developed skills I can’t imagine I would have been taught in university. I have become familiar with new software and techniques that will be so useful in the future. During college I had been introduced to a more practical outlook on the course as I studied doing hands on research and presenting ideas. I felt I was fully prepared for university and was surprised that I had so much written work and I had to do exams again! This process is so different to that, it really is a working experience.

I couldn’t believe how well I felt I fit in with the team, they made me feel really comfortable and at ease during my first week. Three months later I feel like I am part of a team that work together and help each other in any way they can and it is really comforting to know there will always be someone I can turn to if I am stuck or struggling.

The work I have been given suits me to a T. I felt that during university and school I was writing and reading because I have to which made doing this in my spare time a disdainful thought. Throughout this placement, I have been reading and writing a lot more and I’m loving it. I have always loved writing so this placement has enabled me to do just that. The RGU student blog has given me a lot of inspiration for writing and I love being able to connect with other students through the RGU student blog.


Some of the work I have been given needs to follow certain guidelines. I have enjoyed it so far as it gives me a sense of responsibility and structure to how I perform. There are no deadlines or pressure, it’s just getting through the work and making sure what I present is good quality. Since my first week I have been editing the RGU Bulletin, RGU student blog along with different types of emails and software.

I enjoy the routine of work, I get the 7:15 bus in the morning and usually arrive home about 7 at night. It sounds like a long day but its passes quickly! I work 9-5 and though I may have hated the sound of this to start with, no day is the same and you usually find yourself looking at the clock wondering where the time went.

school hill.jpg

There is never a dull day and there is always something going on or something that we are working towards. There are always events going on at RGU that we can go to for content too.

I have regular reviews every three months to check up on my progress and what I would like to continue doing/maybe change about my experience. That is what makes the placement so amazing, the RGU central marketing team are so eager for you to get the best experience you can throughout the year.

Overall my experience has been brilliant so far. I have a great team to work with, I am pleased with my work so far and I am grateful for the experience I am receiving. It already feels like it is flying by.

I highly recommend doing a placement, I know mine is going great.

Katie x

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