My day with the Therapets

So last week I went along to a Therapets session on Union Way which was held by the Mental Wellbeing Society at RGU. For a small donation you could go and pet the most adorable dogs. The sessions were held for students who could be feeling the pressure due to exams or maybe they just needed to de-stress and take some time out to chat and pet some VERY cute pups.

Canine Concern Scotland Trust is a charity that was formed in 1988 to help dogs and their owners. The charity has aimed to provide an educational service to promote responsible dog ownership.


Therapets is a service where owners can enrol their dogs to visit all different areas with the aim to help stress relief for people who may need it. Therapets visit a variety of places like care homes, households and schools. Therapets can be a comfort to those who cannot or do not own a pet due to illness, disability or personal circumstances.

The animals offer a friendly reception and a chance to settle down for a few minutes to interact and relax with them. It is has been proven that doing as little as stroking a dog or a cat can slow down your heartbeat, reduce blood pressure and generally make you a lot calmer.

When I arrived at my session I was greeted by 5 friendly dogs, they came in ALL sizes, big and small. I went round and spoke to each owner and their pets.

First was Ada, a lovely chocolate Lab.


Then Blue the HUGE Labradoodle.


There was a little Westie called Maisie.


One of the older pups was a 13-year-old Jack Russel called Sasha who was so gentle and friendly.


Lastly I met a very happy Wheaton Terrier called Daisy who was excited about everything!


All proceeds from the sessions go to Canine Concern Scotland Trust to fund their mission.

If you would like to know more about the Trust or Therapets you can visit their website.

Find out more about Mental Wellbeing Society and keep up to date with their events too!

Make sure you watch out for any events happening with the Union, you wouldn’t want to miss out on another Therapets session!

Katie x


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