Top Study Tips

It can be difficult to think about exams and the concept of studying when you are on Christmas break. I know from experience the feeling you get when you know you’ll have to open the books and start revising. Exam time doesn’t have to be a struggle, here are some of my tips to help you through it:


Start early

There is nothing worse than leaving revision to the last minute and feeling like you don’t know anything. I suggest creating a timetable to work by so it gives you a guide as to what you need to do. This can also free up time to go over anything you might be unsure of.

Set out your subjects

When I started revision I would list the exams I had, in order of which exam was coming first – Dedicate days to one subject so your mind isn’t jumbled with too much information and you can focus on one specific area to get your head round.


Take breaks

My favourite part of revising! Once you have decided on what subject you will revise, set a goal for yourself, for example ‘finish this essay and then have a coffee break’. This will help you to relax and it gives you time to collect yourself. I suggest taking yourself away from the room you are revising in for 20 minutes, go for a short walk, chat to a friend, have a snack and a drink, whatever! It is just good to get a break!

Plenty of sleep

I know you are off uni but your brain needs rest to function properly, otherwise when you do go to study you may find yourself feeling tired and unable to concentrate. It is recommended that we need at least 8 hours sleep, plenty of sleep is never a bad thing!

Don’t wind yourself up

Worrying about exams is inevitable, we all do it! It can get pretty overwhelming when you focus on the negatives but this won’t help your thought process. If you are stressed about exams there is always someone you can talk to, be it your lecturer, course leader or the student help desk! Nobody is going to turn you away and it may help get rid of stress.


Put that phone away!

I am so guilty of this, I check my phone then all of a sudden it’s half an hour later and all I have accomplished is learning how to do Pikachu lip art on YouTube. It’s ok to check up on texts and social media on your break but don’t let your phone stop you from revision. Turn your phone off or have it in a different room (out of sight out of mind) I used to do this and it did help me to get on with my revision.

Reward yourself

After exams are done you should reward yourself to something you have wanted to do/have since you began revision. Exams don’t have to be the bane of your life, they enrich the future of it! Exams mean progression which is always a positive.

At the end of the day, you really need to do what feels right for you. That could range from endless hours in the library for months to cramming the week before. There is no right way for everyone, however these are just some helpful tips for those who feel they need it.

Katie x


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