End of my first semester at RGU

Hi again.

I can officially say that I’ve lasted a whole semester of university. What a weird thing to say. It feels as though it has only been a couple of weeks since I received my unconditional offer. It’s fair to say it has been extremely different to secondary school… in more ways than one.

The structure of the week at university is poles apart from that of a week at secondary school. Used to a strict repeatable and consistent timetable, I have been extremely lucky with my first semester in which I only had to come into university for three days, two of them being half days. This felt really strange especially when leaving at lunchtime, driving past schools on my way home and seeing children in uniform thinking, should I not be there. It’s fair to say it’s a big shock.


But that certainly didn’t mean I had plenty of free time. With the extra reading a university student has to do as well as studying, free time seems to slip away faster than first thought. As well as this, the responsibility of working independently is quite scary due to the amount of work needed. However, luckily the lecturers are just an email away, which really helps. Luckily the amount of extra reading I am doing is encouraging me even more to graduate with this degree in 2020 as I am thoroughly enjoying the different aspects of my course (management with marketing).


Nevertheless, it is important to balance social and university life. This way you are able to kind of wind down and not think about the mass of books waiting for you when you get back. Even just going for a coffee with someone and catching up or going for night out is vital in order to relax so you are mentally ready to do the work required of a university student. Thankfully being a sociable student was easy with the amazing new friends I met.


I have been very lucky in finding the nicest people in my course who are making the experience even better. It is amazing to find people from all over the world who share common interests and the same humour as you. At first you think you will be alone but it is so easy to make friends because they all understand what you are going through. And even after twelve weeks, I am still meeting new people from all different parts of the world. That’s what I love about RGU; it is such a multicultural place.

Now the only thing to tackle after Christmas is exams…

Roll on semester two!

Georgia x

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