Month: January 2017

LinkedIn Job Search Tips

LinkedIn strengthens and extends your existing network, and helps you discover inside connections to support your career path. (more…)

Safe Taxi scheme

It’s Freshers! Have you had a late one and your phone has died and you have no transport home? Or maybe you have lost your wallet and can’t pay for a taxi? Well at RGU:Union they have a service that can rescue you in these scary situations: Safe Taxi Scheme. (more…)

Scotland Welcomes the World

The other day I was invited to speak on behalf of RGU in an interview for a video that will be shown at a special event called ‘Scotland Welcomes the World’. The campaign is being led by Universities Scotland to promote Scotland as a diverse, multicultural and inclusive country which values its international students and wider community. It will celebrate the European and international staff and students that are already part of Scotland’s HE community, sharing a message of welcome with the rest of the world. (more…)

3 Months into my placement as a Digital Content Assistant

It’s been three months since I started my placement with the marketing team at RGU as a Digital Content Assistant. Where has the time gone? (more…)

My day with the Therapets

So last week I went along to a Therapets session on Union Way which was held by the Mental Wellbeing Society at RGU. For a small donation you could go and pet the most adorable dogs. The sessions were held for students who could be feeling the pressure due to exams or maybe they just needed to de-stress and take some time out to chat and pet some VERY cute pups. (more…)

Examination Time as an Art Student

Exam time at Gray’s School of Art is a lot different from other courses. First of all, you don’t do any paper exams. Instead you will have to complete art work, sketch books and essays or for fourth years, a dissertation. If you have previously taken art in secondary school or in college, then you may have a rough idea how it all works. (more…)

Top Study Tips

It can be difficult to think about exams and the concept of studying when you are on Christmas break. I know from experience the feeling you get when you know you’ll have to open the books and start revising. Exam time doesn’t have to be a struggle, here are some of my tips to help you through it: (more…)

Choosing the Degree Link

University was always inevitable for me, I knew I wanted to get there, one way or another. However, I was unsure of what I wanted to do and this was reflected at the open days I attended. I had a passion for writing and being creative but the choice was so vast I couldn’t pinpoint a career choice. (more…)

5 Favourite Spots in Aberdeen

Having lived in Aberdeen for the past 2 years, I have found a few spots that I like to visit frequently. There are times that Aberdeen can feel grey and weary, especially in the winter months, so hopefully my 5 spots will help you feel a bit inspired to go out and about town! (more…)