Winter Graduation 2016

This December marked the 2016 winter Graduation for students at RGU. It was held in the Beach Ballroom at the beach promenade in Aberdeen.

The ceremonies took place over 2 days and saw students accept their degrees while families and friends watched on. Here’s a run down of the event:


Friends and families gathered to watch their loved ones accept their degrees



Kate Kenyon graduated with a degree in Communications with Public Relations! She had to deal with a long-term illness while being determined to carry on with her education. She was in and out of hospital, spending hours and hours on dialysis a week and having a transplanted kidney rejected is not how most students would describe their university days. You can read more about Kate’s story on the RGU website.


After suspending his studies for a year to serve a tour in Afghanistan, Dr David Caddick MBE graduated  with a PhD from Robert Gordon University! Read more about David’s story on our website.


A group of four friends from Huntly graduated with Masters in engineering degrees on the same day, having spent the last 10 years side-by-side through school and University. Find out more about their journey!

Classmates came together to support each other on the day.


Nicola became determined to work in mental health nursing after attending the RGU Nursing Summer School, during her 6th year at Fraserburgh Academy. She is now ready to start her career in Mental Health Nursing following her graduation . Nicola’s story is on the RGU website if you want to check it out!


A student who helped care for her grandmother from a young age has begun her career as a nurse after graduating from RGU in Adult Nursing. Gemma Crighton graduated with her classmates with a BA in Adult Nursing. Read more about Gemma’s story!


Chris Campbell is an Aberdeen golf enthusiast has graduated with an MSc IT for the Oil and Gas Industry with distinction and has got himself a new job. Read his story on our website!

It was a happy day at graduation for all the students!

Congratulations to everyone who graduated from RGU this year! I hope you have left with the best memories and got the best experience at uni!

Katie x

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