Do More: British Exploring Society

One of the key things that sets RGU apart from other universities is its employability figures. By focusing significantly on building the skills and work experience that employers look for, RGU students graduate with strong attributes on their CV. Throughout a year of applying to various industrial placements it has become obvious to me how important it is to be continually improving your CV while still in uni.


For this reason I wanted to take on something drastic to challenge myself and hoped to use it as an interesting addition to my CV. To do this I joined the British Exploring Society. (BES) is a charity for young people to challenge and develop themselves by going on expeditions all over the globe. I chose to apply for an expedition to the Indian Himalayas. Following an interview I was accepted to be part of a 3 week expedition to the Ladakh region of North Eastern India, Summer 2017.

The preparation process prior to the expedition is lengthy and a challenge in itself. I have to fundraise a sizable amount of money, but can also volunteer up to 200 hours which reduces my fundraising costs, and also strengthen my CV. On top of this, I must also do a lot of physical training to prepare myself for the three weeks of trekking through the world’s highest mountain range.

I would definitely recommended checking out the British Exploring Society. I have enjoyed the process so far and can’t wait for next summer! As well as the Himalayas, (BES) also run expeditions to other places like the Peruvian Amazon, Canadian Yukon and Namibia! Aside from my experiences I would encourage anyone to start something that inspires and challenges you! For me, signing up for this opportunity has given me a focus outside of uni, although I’m sure you can easily find something suited to you that can inspire you!


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