From Home to a New Home

Many of my Scottish friends always ask me what it was like to move to a completely different country, how I had the courage to do it, and why. First of all, I will let you know a little bit about myself!

I’m from a tiny island called Malta which is just below Italy. I lived there all my life, well until I was 20. When I was 18, I decided that I wanted to do my undergraduate course abroad since I felt that as an aspiring media student, I would have much more opportunities abroad than in my country. So I spent 2 years working and saving to move away.


While Scotland and Malta are both in Europe and have a lot of similar tendencies, there were some culture differences which I had to get used to! Firstly, I could not understand anyone, which was such a struggle although it was pretty hilarious at the same time. Luckily for me, my flatmates in first year were amazing enough to talk a bit slower and teach me the necessary slang words every fresher should know, such as “skint”, “bevvie”, “kip”, and many others. But don’t worry if you’re moving to Scotland, within a month I could understand most people and started using the slang myself.

The second shock experience for a girl coming from an island where you can count the days of winter in a year, was that this was turned into counting the days of summer instead! Especially when you move to one of the coldest cities in Scotland. Of course, I had been warned about this weather however I did not realise it would be as cold as it is now. Boots, coats, scarves and woolly jumpers were all bought in the first week to make sure I kept warm!

One of the things I love about Scotland is the scenery. I come from a hot, dry country, so greenery is rare! But when I moved to Scotland last year I was mesmerised by the gorgeous surroundings, and it is my passion to go down by the beach in Aberdeen whenever I have some free time. I also love travelling to close cities whenever I can. Not long ago I was on a train back from Edinburgh to Aberdeen, and I spent most of the trip gazing out of the window!


A photo from my recent visit to Stonehaven

The best thing about moving here is the friendly people. In Malta, Scottish people are known for being really outgoing, and I have found that to be very true! When I first moved here everyone was so welcoming and helpful. Finding my way around town was super easy due to this and so was making new friends!


A day in Balmedie beach with friends

Finally the independence and experience that you gain from finding your way around, making new friends and exploring is one of the best things. So if you are still thinking about moving here and studying at RGU, or even to another country, it is something that is definitely worth doing!

Petra x

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