One RGU, Many Nations

Last week I attended RGU:Union’s  One RGU, Many Nations that was held within the Amphitheatre of the Sir Ian Wood Building. One RGU, Many Nations was created to showcase international students and societies cultures and traditions providing food and items from various nationalities.dsc_0221

When I arrived I had a chance to speak to one of the event organisers Dana Khari (vice president of international). She explained what the event was about. She told us that it was an international event for celebrating all the different cultures and nationalities that represent RGU. The whole week would include a number of events such as the exhibition of nations, food, performances in music and dance along with a speech on overcoming diversity. The event is held to raise awareness and integrate students more.

I then went on the Japanese society’s stand where I spoke to two students who explained what the traditions and cultures of Japan were while also handing out sweets. Their society follows traditional Japanese cultures.


The Islamic society was there providing some delicious cake for those in passing. Along with this were English copies of the Quran and some leaflets


At the Kuwait stall I spoke to one of the girls, who explained the items on her desk. She provided Coffee and delicious Baklava, I was also given a sample of perfume to try. On the stall there were the traditional Arabic dress along with coffee trays, spices and currency.


I then moved on to Greece where I was given details into Greece’s background and traditions. In Greece the people are very proud of their heritage and history. The reason that Greece is such an attractive destination is their love for religion, music, language, food and drink are pretty much the pillars of Greek culture.

I spoke to one student, who was representing Hong Kong and she told me that there are a lot of British elements there and that English is spoken fluently. She also said that Hong Kong is very international and is always very busy and fast paced. I also got to try some sweets from Hong Kong that were at the stall.


At the Bulgaria stall I spoke to Elenora who was studying events management. She told me about some traditional Bulgarian customs and showed me her stall where there was lots of Bulgarian food such as bread and spices and sauce and homemade Bulgarian cookies. There was also some traditional postcards and pictures of a traditional Bulgarian dress and folk horn dance.


The last stall I was at was for Nepal where I was told about all the festive holidays and traditions that they have. Nepal is very multicultural and they have many festivals annually. One of the items on their table included the Khukuri which can be used during battle but can also be used to chop vegetables. There were also instruments on the table such as a Sarangi, which is a lot like a violin.

I thought One RGU, Many Nations was a great success and believe it is so important to have events like this so the students can get involved and find out about the different cultures the international students bring to RGU.

One RGU, Many Nations is an annual even on campus, you can check out what went on this last year here.

Katie x

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