Two Months as a First Year Midwifery Student

Hi there, this is my first crack at blogging and I only received a C in English so please bear with me! So this post is about my first two months of being a student, and I’d like to share with you what it’s like living in Aberdeen, going to university and moving away from home for the first time.
I was accepted to the Bachelor of Midwifery course at RGU just 3 weeks before the course was set to start, as somebody had dropped out and I was offered their place. Excited doesn’t even begin to cover what I was feeling…I was so overwhelmed that I started hyperventilating on the phone to my mum. I was supposed to begin college the very next day, so everything was a quick turn-around in order to prepare for moving to Aberdeen.
Eventually we managed to get it all sorted and I moved into Woolmanhill accommodation early September. My 6 other flatmates moved in too, and they have been an absolute dream. Even after being at high school for so many years, I had never met such a funny, supportive group of girls. I know that some people can be nervous about moving into halls as they maybe don’t know what to expect of their flatmates, and I definitely was too, but now I see that there was nothing to worry about. I would even go as far as saying that my flat girls have been my favourite part of the transition to uni.


My university course has gone above and beyond my expectations. Our midwifery team consists of several fantastic lecturers and around 50 students, with whom I share a good connection with. This has given me the chance to build a brilliant support network among friends. There are also about 10 or 15 mature students, who are just hilarious to be around. They have a good laugh with us but they’re also so caring towards the younger students – one of them even hands out eggs from her chickens before the lectures start. It’s easy to feel intimidated by how amazing some of these girls on the course are, what they have experienced in preparation for the interview and just generally how kind they are.

As we’re getting closer to the exam our timetable is starting to settle down. Our lectures can be quite heavy-going sometimes, but they are always guaranteed to be interesting. My favourite lectures so far have been about 1st, 2nd and 3rd stage labour because I found them fascinating, and also because the lecturer was funny and really made you want to listen. I’d recommend this course to anyone.

Aberdeen city.jpg

I absolutely love living in Aberdeen. After having lived in a small town for the last 11 years of my life, coming to a city has been a huge change. I have the city centre on my doorstep and I’ve never spent so much money at Primark in my life – but at least I have my winter wardrobe locked down. Aberdeen holds many opportunities for students; including gyms, shopping centres, a Saturday market, cinemas, cathedrals and enough restaurants to eat out every night of the week for a month.

If there was any advice I could give to those who are interested in going to, or are applying to university, I’d say definitely go for it – I’m having the time of my life! Also, get as much sleep as you possibly can. I don’t always get enough sleep which is why I nap almost 5 times a week after coming home from lectures. A good mix of sleep, studying and fun is healthy enough.

The past 2 months have made me so, unbelievably happy. I never would have thought at the start of this year that I would be living in a city at the age of 17, studying the course I’ve always wanted to study, and have the most amazing friends. I feel as though I’ve been given all of this independence, and it has brought out the best version of me. I’ve become 10 times more confident, 10 times more tired and 10 times happier. I know that I am exactly where I need to be at RGU.

Emma x


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