Month: December 2016

Hogmanay in Scotland

It’s the end of 2016 and Scotland is getting ready to welcome the New Year, and we certainly don’t do it by half! Hogmanay is a special occasion in Scotland and is by far the biggest celebration of the year!

Here is everything you wanted to know about New Year and how we celebrate it here in Scotland: (more…)

Winter Graduation 2016

This December marked the 2016 winter Graduation for students at RGU. It was held in the Beach Ballroom at the beach promenade in Aberdeen.

The ceremonies took place over 2 days and saw students accept their degrees while families and friends watched on. Here’s a run down of the event: (more…)

You don’t need to know your speciality right away

 In the Contemporary Art Practice course, you will be asked in fourth year to make a choice in what title you want for your Honours Degree Award. Your options are; BA (Hons) Contemporary Art Practice, BA (Hons) Contemporary Art Practice (Photography), BA (Hons) Contemporary Art Practice (Moving Image), BA (Hons) Contemporary Art Practice (Printmaking) or BA (Hons) Contemporary Art Practice (Sculpture). (more…)

Sophie’s Study Abroad Experience in Germany

Hi everyone, I am Sophie a third year Management student here at RGU. Last year I decided to take part in a semester abroad in Cologne, Germany through RGU’s Global Engagement Centre. (more…)

Aberdeen Christmas Market

Aberdeen is taking Christmas seriously this year! So if you haven’t already explored the various festive attractions around the city, here is an overview to let you know what is going on. (more…)

Do More: British Exploring Society

One of the key things that sets RGU apart from other universities is its employability figures. By focusing significantly on building the skills and work experience that employers look for, RGU students graduate with strong attributes on their CV. Throughout a year of applying to various industrial placements it has become obvious to me how important it is to be continually improving your CV while still in uni. (more…)

From Home to a New Home

Many of my Scottish friends always ask me what it was like to move to a completely different country, how I had the courage to do it, and why. First of all, I will let you know a little bit about myself! (more…)

S3/S4 Pathology Day

Last  month, secondary students from various schools across Aberdeenshire attended a Pathology day in RGU’s biological science labs. The students listened to short introductions before getting involved in practical experiments across three workshop areas. Each included experiments that would be typical in the 1st year of an undergraduate course of BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science.


The first of three workshops was in Microbiology. The students were sterilising a platinum wire loop over the Bunsen burner. They covered the loop with bacteria often responsible for food poising, E.coli, and then recorded the results. They were then taught about the importance of washing your hands using the “Glitterbug”. In doing this they used UV lights to see the “bacteria” (fluorescent cream) on their hands before and after washing them.


The second workshop was in the blood science laboratory. Students worked through a booklet of experiments and recorded the results as they went. Firstly they checked if the patient’s details matched their blood sample, and examined the results obtained from the analyser. They also made a blood film, observed it under a microscope and learnt about blood groups and typing procedures. Based on the results, they, decided what blood type the patient required for a transfusion.


The last workshop was based on Histopathology (study of tissues), where students were able to detect liver damage in patient’s tissue. By using the Van Gieson’s stain, they were able to see, through a microscope the difference between a healthy and damaged organ.


It was interesting to see school kids working in the university and to see what they thought of RGU’s labs. I think events like this are really beneficial, not just to those thinking of studying science, but to everyone while still in secondary school. Being able to feel like you are working on university level work while in school is great motivation and an opportunity to learn a bit more about what you want to do after finishing school.



One RGU, Many Nations

Last week I attended RGU:Union’s  One RGU, Many Nations that was held within the Amphitheatre of the Sir Ian Wood Building. One RGU, Many Nations was created to showcase international students and societies cultures and traditions providing food and items from various nationalities. (more…)