St. Andrew’s Day!

St. Andrew’s day is a big celebration in Scotland held every year on the 30th of November. Here are a few facts and traditions you may not have known about St. Andrew’s day:

Who is Saint Andrew?

• Saint Andrew was a fisherman and was believed to be the disciple of Jesus.
• His death was on November 30th and it is now a tradition in Scotland to celebrate his memory.
• Scotland is one of the few countries to have one of Christ’s disciples as their Patron saint.
• The St Andrew’s flag is the flag of Scotland – it is in the form of a white x mark across a plain blue background which is known in Scotland as the Saltire.


The Scottish Government’s flag flying regulations state the Saltire flag must fly on all of it’s buildings with a flagpole on St. Andrew’s Day!


Saint Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland, although there are a few theories about how it came to be him

• One theory states that relics belonging to St Andrew were brought to Scotland in the 4th century.
• However it is believed that in the 800s King Angus MacFergus saw a saltire sign in the sky just before he went in to battle and declared St Andrew the patron of Scotland when he won.



In Scotland we celebrate St. Andrew’s day by undergoing traditional Scottish customs such as

• Ceilidhs – traditional Scottish dancing
• Playing the bagpipes
• Listening to traditional Scottish music and entertainment
• Eating traditional food – Haggis, neeps and tatties!
• Having a dram – drinking Scottish whisky

• Highland dancing
• Wearing traditional Scottish dress – tartan and kilts


St. Andrew’s day is the start of a number of winter festivals in Scotland followed by Hogmanay and Burns night.

How will you celebrate St. Andrew’s day?

Katie x

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