RGU student wins SIE competition

Hi my name is Hristina Dimitrova and I work as an RGU intern at the Scottish Institute for Enterprise (SIE).

Get Enterprising is an SIE competition in which students are asked to tell us about their idea for a new product or service no matter how crazy it might be. And of course, for doing this the best idea receives £20 and the winning participants are awarded £100.
Kristian Kirsimägi is a fourth year Media student in Robert Gordon University, who won this year`s SIE Get Enterprising competition. Kris is a keen entrepreneur, who has already started his own business that will officially launch in January 2017.

I recently spoke to Kris about entrepreneurship, dreams and his future plans.
1. What is entrepreneurship for you?

Entrepreneurship is coming up with something new and creative which will help you to generate profits. Even if you don`t start something innovative you are still an entrepreneur.

2. What are the qualities that a successful entrepreneur should have?

Entrepreneurs should share qualities such as creativity, communication skills and good time keeping. If you do not have the qualities you can always find someone to share your passion with. For example, at the company that I am starting now with my friends: one of us is good at IT, another in creativity and the third person has good numerical skills.

3. Does entrepreneurship sound to you like a dream come true?

I have never dreamt about becoming an entrepreneur but it is a really good thing. You are your own boss and you can do whatever you want to do. I dream of setting up an advertising agency, but I need some experience first.

4. Would you like to use this idea and turn it into a real business idea?

I would if I have the time. At the moment I am working on starting another business, which will open in January 2017.

5. Will you reinvest this £20 in your business idea?

I could reinvest in the business that I am working on at the moment, because the costs in the entertainment sector are quiet high.

Kris’ winning idea was – “Ask a local” which is an app for travelling where you can ask advice from locals.

At the beginning of every academic year SIE organises this competition every student can enter by filling in one of the postcards that can be found on our weekly stall table. The students only have to describe their business idea with 1-2 sentences and then the winner for RGU gets £20 award. Then this person enters the national level competition and has the chance to win £100.

There is a jury of people who read through all the entries and decide who will be the winner. This year the jury includes Hristina Dimitrova (SIE Intern for RGU); Chloe Bruce (RGU Careers and employability centre) and Will Ritchie (RGU Careers and Employability Centre).
If you want to be like Kris and win some cash, enter our current SIE Fresh Ideas competition.

Hristina Dimitrova

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