My placement with the Careers and Employability Centre

Hi all, I’m Jenna and I’m a 3rd year International Business Management student here at RGU. I am currently following the Connect to Business (C2B) route which gives students the opportunity to undertake a short-term placement while still studying at university; which for me is a perfect balance and the main reason I chose to follow this route.

The C2B route is a short-term placement in which the student is tasked with a project that a company (mainly SMEs or start-ups) has identified they would like a student to undertake. If you choose to do the C2B route then you have to go through a matching process and when I did, I was matched with RGU’s Careers and Employability Centre. They were looking for a student to create a marketing plan to introduce new marketing methods and support the existing promotion of the centre and as I was interested in a marketing role this was a great opportunity for me.


At first, it felt really strange going into university dressed as an ‘employee’ instead of my usual student attire and then seeing all my friends from different courses only in for their two hour lecture, when I was in the whole day, but I got used to it eventually. I usually work two full days at the Careers and Employability Centre every week and I have already learned so much since being here and I’m only five weeks in!

So, as part of my placement, I am now writing this guest blog to promote a survey which I have created specifically for students, to discover how much they know about the services offered by the Careers and Employability Centre and what it is they expect from the centre. The results will form part of the project I’m tasked with creating while on my placement. So, I’d be grateful if you could fill it out (see bottom of page). You’ll also be entered into a draw to win an Amazon voucher worth £50 should you choose.


If I am being honest, I was only aware of a few of the services offered by the Careers and Employability Centre before I started here- I never realised how much information students actually have at their disposal and it doesn’t even take much digging to find it all!!

Thank you for reading about my Connect to Business experience so far and I would really appreciate it if you took a few moment of your time to fill out my survey (Closing date the 30th Nov). It’s just 15 quick questions, you’ll be done in no time!


Jenna 🙂

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