Rebekah, the Contemporary Art student

Hello! I’m Rebekah, a fourth year Contemporary Art student at Gray’s School of Art. From a very young age I have always wanted to study art, whether that was being an art teacher or an artist. Art is a big part of my life and Gray’s has helped to enrich my skills and knowledge and overall love for art.

I started Gray’s School of Art after my last year at Academy. It was scary but a good kind of scary. I can imagine everyone felt the same since it was a new place and no one knew each other. The Ice breaker sessions are introduced at the very beginning of semester and were are a huge help! Afterwards you are immediately put into groups to create a piece of work together. I bonded with a lot of people over that project. It was such a funny and calming situation that was made from just making something large out of cardboard. My group made an iron out of cardboard that was taller than myself and I am 5’’7. We even placed it in a fashion studio to take photographs. To be honest, that is probably my favourite memory of first year. Each year has been a year filled with new memories and experiences and I have loved every minute.


I will be sharing my experiences throughout my final year of Contemporary Art Practice and will try my best to help you get a better understanding of what to expect coming to Gray’s.



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