5 Things I Didn’t Expect; Transitioning to University.

Hey Guys! First Blog Post!
I feel it is only fitting as a new student to write my first blog post with the transition from academy to university! Better start it chronologically with the lead up to the first day.

I was born and raised in Aberdeen so fortunately I did not have to go through the daunting process of moving away from home. Despite legally being an adult I certainly don’t feel like one. Moving away was just not the thing for me. But that’s not the only intimidating process. For me the most unnerving part of university is the process of making new friends. However thanks to social media, I joined groups specifically for RGU and Aberdeen students as a whole and met many people on there. This made the fear-provoking Freshers so much more enjoyable. After a full on Freshers fortnight, it was time for the dreaded first day…, which wasn’t that scary!


The Five Things I Didn’t Expect When Transitioning to University

1) How quickly the first day came around…

I remember opening my unconditional acceptance letter all the way back in February ’16 and thinking, ‘September is ages away no need to think about that now’. Despite it always being in the back of mind, I had always had something else to think about or do. Thus when 1st September arrived I was stunned with how quickly it had come round. I felt completely unprepared for uni life however quickly realised that everyone else is in the same boat.

2) How relaxed I was…

Despite being overly worried that I was going to be late for my first lecture and have to do the walk of shame down the stairs as everyone’s eyes follow you, I was surprisingly relaxed about my first ever day of uni. By that point in time I had not properly studied since May so I was ready for some sort of routine. At first the Business School was pretty daunting despite the wide-open spaces, but by the time I had found where I was going my nerves had disappeared. It was such a bizarre feeling but I suppose that’s always a good thing.


3) How international the university is…

Again a quick shout out to social media for number three! By using a course mate finder post on one of the groups, I was able to find a couple of fellow Scots, a Spaniard, an Italian and many more. It was exciting to ‘meet’ people over social media and find out why they chose the course etc. When it came to my first day, I was eager to meet them.
Even after I had met them, I met even more Europeans. People from all over the world had come to RGU and it was incredible to see.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

4) How crowded the bus was…

Yes it’s true, I had no idea just how many people would take the number 1 and 2 bus from Union Street every morning to Garthdee. And it is also true that I had never really taken the bus on my own before. I was petrified I wouldn’t be able to find the stop I had googled the night before. However, it became apparent to me that the stop I needed, was the one that had about 20 people who looked about the same age as me. The bus was absolutely packed – welcome to student transport!

5) How friendly everyone was…

As I am a stay at home student and forty minutes from Aberdeen centre, getting lifts to and from was a bit of a nuisance. For example, the “late” train was 22.50 – the time most students go out. However, even having not met them, people I had spoken to on social media gladly welcomed me to their halls to get ready with them and even stay over. It was so sweet and it was then I knew I had chosen the right university.

All in all, I think it’s fair to say the transition from academy to university is one that can be affected by many different factors, and this one has been mine – a very enjoyable experience to say the least.

What was yours like?
Georgia x

P.S. keep reading for more posts about my experience at RGU. Thank You

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  1. Hey Georgia! this is a amazing post… makes me recall my first day at the Uni!… Keep posting more happy posts 🙂


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