BrewDog presentation to the Marketing Society

Recently  I attended a presentation led by the BrewDog team to discuss their ‘out the box’ marketing techniques to the RGU Marketing Society along with staff and students of the university.

Ahead of the Brewdog talk, the marketing society prepped the attendees on key questions that they wanted to know about BrewDog’s marketing strategies. BrewDog’s controversial marketing has been a key aspect of the business and has gained them international coverage. Brewdog also have a great graduate scheme offering 5 programmes for all graduates, some of which have been given to RGU students. The team went over their marketing strategies which was really interesting.

Here are a few that were mentioned:

The end of History

BrewDog produced a beer called ‘The end of History’ which (at the time) was the strongest beer in the world at 55% ABV! The beer was packaged in small stuffed animals and were priced at £500. They faced a lot of controversy for this, one for the alcohol content and also for the packaging.


They released #Mashtag which was a campaign that allowed the public to decide what new beer BrewDog would create. They placed polls on Twitter so that the public could decide on what the beer style, melt bill & ABV, hops and IBU, special twist and label would be.


BrewDog decided they would give the public a chance to view ALL the recipes they have come up with since 2007. They came up with DIY DOG which was an initiative to allow their consumers to try out brewing for themselves using BrewDog’s recipes. They were also awarded ‘best stunt ‘ at the beer marketing awards this year.


BrewDog and Socialbite teamed up to create a beer (Brewgooder) that gives 100% of its profits to charity. The two entrepreneurs came together with Oxfam, Wateraid, and Meracorps – the aim was to supply clean drinking water to one million people in developing countries in the first five years.

Grapefruit pay

BrewDog introduced ‘Grapefruit pay‘ where their customers paid for a half pint of Elvis juice with a grapefruit! That meant that the customer didnt need to bring any money, just a grapefruit and BrewDog had a key ingredient for their beer.

Overall I found this presentation really interesting and I’m really impressed RGU’s Marketing Society put this together for their group.It was also interesting to discover that BrewDog do a lot to involve their consumers and make sure they are part of the process too. You can join the Marketing society for £5, just email for more information.

Through both societies and classes students at RGU get an opportunity to meet real people from industry and find out a bit more about how businesses work in the real world. This is one example of the many opportunities that RGU offer their students, it gives us great access to new skills and knowledge while networking with industry professionals.

Katie x

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