My placement process

At the beginning of October I started my first year at university. I had moved on from the degree link after studying two years at North East Scotland College doing a HND in Advertising and PR.

After a couple of months in, it was apparent that we needed to begin searching for a placement for next year. Looking round the room at the hundreds of people I gulped hard thinking ‘how am I going to compete with them?’

I can’t lie, the idea of being in full-time work after 3 years of living the student lifestyle, I had a laissez-faire approach to getting a placement.

After months of hearing about people’s interviews and successes I realised I had not even considered what I wanted to do. The panic struck when two of my friends declared they had interviews already and I hadn’t even had a reply!

I began searching frantically trying to find a placement. My search came to a halt and I resigned myself to the fact I wasn’t going to get one.

During my lull I signed up for the Connect to Business route which ensured that I would still get heavily involved with a placement and allow me to gain some great experience working with a company. This made me feel so much better as I knew I wanted to get a placement even if it was not year-long, RGU would make sure I was getting the experience I needed.

One morning while I was on holiday I sat thinking about the start of term. Still feeling adrift I lay staring at the ceiling with a sense of dread. I decided to look on the placement website and discovered 5 placements that were perfect for the experience I had and what I was really interested in. A sudden rush of adrenaline passed and I flung open my laptop and applied to 5 placements immediately and felt accomplished. Even if I was not successful I knew I had put my all into finding a placement. At last a positive feeling!


A week later I received an email inviting me to an interview for a digital copywriting assistant role with RGU, hurrah! I was so excited and the interview was 2 days away. It was the first interview I had received and throughout it I felt confident. The next day I logged on to find an email stating that I had been successful and had been selected for the role. I was both astounded and exhilarated, I was so happy at what I had achieved.

I have now just completed my first month at my placement, my colleagues are so lovely and welcoming, the office is relaxed and friendly and the projects are really exciting. All my fears of the working environment have been put to rest as I look forward to the upcoming year.

The placement process has so many positives and you learn so much about yourself and what you want to do. Even if you don’t get a placement or you feel this route isn’t for you, the university provides you with options that fit your own needs. If you want a placement but were not able to obtain one there is a great Connect to Business route that means you can still get some experience working with companies. Or if you opted for a taught route there are great modules that will give you the knowledge and experience you need for when you graduate from your lectures and projects.

Katie x

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