Aberdeen Film Festival


The Aberdeen Film Festival has arrived in Aberdeen! The festival takes place over the month of October and features lots of activities for those wishing to get involved! It also showcases work by independent film makers from all around the world.

The festival will include ‘The 48 Hour Film Project’ in which competitors have just 48 hours to create a short film for public viewing. Each film has a different genre and each film will be screened at the ACT Aberdeen on the 20th of October.

A FREE screening of ‘Bigger Than The Shining’, a new project created by Mark Cousins will be on Wednesday 19th October at 7pm, along with other films also being screened at the ACT.

There is also an opportunity for students to view two FREE screenings to two films; ‘Les parapluies de Cherbourg’ – a French language musical which screens on Tuesday 25th of Octobers and ‘Brick’ an English language neo-noir film screening on Wednesday 26th of October.


I think this festival is a great event and gives people the opportunity to showcase their unique work to the people of Aberdeen. I consider us very lucky to have these special events take place in our city.

Anyone will be able to enjoy this festival and it makes for a great experience, and gives people an insight into people’s creativity. I especially recommend this event for anyone studying media, art or filmmaking, this could be a great opportunity for you to get out and network and chat to likeminded people within the industry.

If you want to know a bit more about this festival and find out about dates please feel free to look at the website. I’m sure everyone who attends will find something they enjoy!


Katie x



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