Introducing Stewart

Hi I’m Stewart! Welcome to my blog!

I study International Business Management and I am currently in my third year. As my part of my degree it is compulsory to study abroad, so I will share some of my experiences of spending a semester in US and hopefully encourage you to consider doing something similar.

I loved the opportunity to study abroad, and really enjoy my course. Like many other RGU students I chose to apply for an industrial placement, and was thankfully successful. I am now lucky enough to now be working as part RGU’s marketing team, and am excited for the year ahead.dsc_0298

Being from the South-West of Scotland, Aberdeen was completely new to me at first. So I know what it’s like to move away from home for the first time, to come to Uni.

I’ve found that RGU has loads to offer students beyond just a degree, and are always really helpful with accommodating anything you are interested in doing.

I have a love for photography and always try to be creative and inventive in everything that I do. My blog will you give an insight into my personal experiences of life in Aberdeen; what studying at RGU is like; how I’m finding placement and my thoughts on studying abroad.

Hope you enjoy my thoughts and photos!


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