Introducing Katie

Hello everyone, my name is Katie. Welcome to my blog!

First let me tell you a little about myself. I am third year student studying Management with Marketing. After I left Academy I went on to study a HND in Advertising and PR at North East Scotland College.

I had opted for the Degree link route that lets you study two years at college and another 2-3 years at university. For me this has been a great option, a way for me to discover what I am good at and really enjoy doing.

So far I have been with RGU for one year and have really enjoyed it. I have friends that I met in College that moved with me to RGU but that didn’t stop me from meeting lots of new people on the course.

Unlike some of the students at RGU I haven’t travelled far. I live within Aberdeenshire and have been very lucky to have RGU within my region.

RGU has been so helpful with finding placements for students and giving alternative options to those who choose a different route. I have been successful in obtaining a year long placement within RGU. I am working with the marketing team at RGU and I love it so far and look forward to what lies ahead. Make sure you keep up with my blog posts on how I found my placement.

I hope to share my experiences with you guys and possibly help you get a better idea as to what goes on at RGU and how the experience has been for myself and other students here at the university.

Katie x

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