Lessons Learned from Undergrad to Postgrad Study

Anyone who’s studied a postgrad degree, no matter the subject, will tell you it’s extremely different from an undergrad. But what does that really mean?

For one the pace is completely different. By this I mean extremely intense during the taught semesters then in the self taught semesters you are given a lot of freedom. You are trusted to just get on with things and ask for help when help is required. This can work both for and against you as if you are not used to self-motivating and efficient time keeping it is a huge reality shock.

It is also a huge learning curve. I’m not just talking about the course materials, but also what you learn about yourself in the process of learning about other things. For example, I learned a lot about my own preference of working style. It turns out I actually don’t mind group work. It’s a really useful process for bouncing ideas off of one another and using skillsets different from your own to fill gaps in your knowledge.


An A is no longer an A. The first day on our course we were told if we were hitting marks around a C this was equivalent to an A at undergrad. I still find it difficult to get my head around that concept! You’re pushed to achieve more than you knew you were capable of and when you get there it is so, so rewarding.

Lastly, I’ve learnt that when you go straight into a postgrad from an undergrad you enter this kind of in between stage between full on student and full on adult. Like it’s kind of okay to have cereal for dinner… but at the same time you should probably stop taking so many naps.




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