Welcome to #RGUFreshers 2016!

September 2016 sees the return of RGU Freshers, welcoming thousands of new and returning students. Freshers is the official welcome to student life from the RGU Students’ Union and it is packed full of events to help students meet new people, get to know Aberdeen and introduce them to everything that is great about student life.

RGU:Union is hosting over one hundred different events during Freshers which runs from the 10th – 24th September 2016. Events range from celebrity appearances, to theme nights, to a free film festival, music, tours, sports day, and so much more.  These events will bring together new students for a fun, and vibrant introduction to life at RGU.

Alongside our evening and night events, the Union is also running many day events including course icebreakers, bus tours, BBQs and more. However, the highlight of Freshers has to be our legendary Freshers Fayre.

The fayre, which takes place on Thursday 22nd September, from 12pm – 3pm in RGU SPORT is the ultimate freebie giveaway. Whatever you are looking to get involved with at RGU, the fayre is the place to start. Over the course of a few hours, thousands of students will come along to meet all of our societies, sports clubs, student groups, along with bars, clubs, cinemas, shops, charities, university services and so much more.

This is the perfect introduction to student life, whether you’re looking to meet friends by joining a society, or keep fit by signing up for a sports clubs, or cash in on discount cards and deals for local bars, or perhaps find out about volunteering opportunities and more, you’ll find it all at the fayre.

As President (Communication and Democracy) at RGU:Union, I cannot wait to welcome new students to RGU and am so excited for all the fun that Freshers will bring. My favourite event by far is the fayre, because it is just massive, with so much going on, so much to see and is just such an incredible, lively, wild environment, that nothing else comes close.

My top tips for anyone coming along to the fayre for the first time this year:

  1. Prepare for heat
    Even though it’s Aberdeen, with about a thousand people packed in the hall, it’s going to get pretty toasty. The fayre is busy, and loud and hot, but that’s all part of the fun. Just be sure to leave your jacket in your classroom.
  2. Take a few trips
    There is SO much going on that you are bound to miss something out. I suggest doing a few laps of the hall, focus on the clubs and bars on the outside first, collect your first round of giveaways and get some pizza, then nip outside for some air. Then come back in again and hit the societies and sports clubs and take time to talk to the ones you’re interested in. Take breaks when you need it, but make sure you get round the whole hall, and Union Way and Aberdeen Business School too!
  3. Take all the freebies
    If you are on a diet, or plan on jogging home, I’d re-think on the day of the fayre. Sweets, chocolates, pizza, cakes, will be everywhere. Then come the freebies, goody bags, pens, notepads, keyrings, bottles and so much more will be on offer. Take it all. That is the best part of the fayre. You’ll be skint until SAAS comes in next, so stock up on a year supply of pens.

There is so much to see and do in Freshers that it’s easy to get overwhelmed, but whatever you do, enjoy it. Your Fresher week is a one off, amazing experience, and you want to remember it.

If you want to know more about Freshers, remember to like, follow or visit only the official pages. The full events listing can be found on the RGU:Union website, and if anyone has any questions they are always welcome to get in touch. My e-mail is prescd@rguunion.co.uk, and I’ll be happy to help with any questions.

Looking forward to welcoming new students, and welcoming back our #RGUFamily. See you in Freshers!

Website: www.rguunion.co.uk/freshers
Page: www.facebook.com/rgufreshers16
Group: www.facebook.com/groups/rgufreshers16
Event: www.facebook.com/events/271208136582986

Edward Pollock
RGU Union President (Communication and Democracy)

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