10 Things to do at RGU open Day

Open days are the perfect opportunity to visit the university and find out more about courses, campus and student life. If you missed the RGU open day, these are the top 10 things you should do on the next open day on the 2nd of October!

1. Talk to Course Leaders

Course Leaders from all schools and departments are around campus to give you information specific to your course and to clarify the routes you will take and opportunities available to you.

2. Go on a Campus Tour

Students are waiting to take you around the modern campus to show you where you will be spending most of your time at university and all the facilities that are right here on campus. They can tell you the best place to grab a coffee, chill out or meet with friends.


3. Take the Shuttle bus and see accommodation

Shuttle buses are running every hour from campus into the city centre accommodation. You can see the route you will take from the city centre to campus and also get a chance to look at some accommodation available to you and maybe a potential home!

4. Check out the student exhibitions

Student work is displayed around the campus so you can see what kind of work you’ll be creating as part of your modules. On the day, forensic students will set up a crime scene and architecture students will display their models. Work will also be on display at Gray’s School or Art and in our Aberdeen Business School.

5. Speak to Current Students

What better way to find out about student life at RGU than asking a student? This is your chance to ask current students their real thoughts on studying here and also answer any non-academic queries.


6. Pick up everything

All the leaflets, brochures and books -pick them up! This is all  useful info so make sure you grab them all.


7. Get all your questions answered

This day is all for your benefit so make sure you have left with all the information you came to get! Not only can you chat to course leaders but you can chat to our support services, accommodation, finance, SAAS, RGU:Union and many more services are there for you to chat to.


8. Have a BBQ and admire the campus

A BBQ will be waiting outside for visitors to grab lunch. There will also be a range of other options available inside the buildings such as Costa and Subway. For some lunch entertainment, so you can enjoy some music whilst admiring the stunning views of the riverside campus.


9. See what’s going on!

There is loads to do during Open Day so don’t miss out! walk around the whole campus and take everything in!

10. Enjoy the Day!

Open Day

Maryam x

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