RGU TV Studio

Previously I spoke about Radar, which is the student led magazine produced by RGU. Another society which I am involved in is RGU:TV. This is still a fairly new society, one with only around 20 members at the moment.

How I got involved?
I was a member of the RGU:TV group since first year, but had never been an active member. One random day in my second year, one of the RGU union members posted about a great opportunity on the TV group. A few of my classmates were also interested so we decided to form a group and get the project going. At this point, RGU:TV did not really have a committee team. So our tiny little group went on to film videos for the Aberdeen City Centre Police. This was one of the most amazing experiences I have had since coming to university, we got to film in external locations, we were allowed access to a prison cell, an ambulance and even had 2 police officers join us on set so they could be part of the videos. What we produced was a series of videos to promote safe drinking during the Christmas period. The police team along with the Weekend Partnership were so impressed with the videos that we even had a small premiere at CineWorld where some Aberdeen press were present! Here is my favourite from the 6 videos we made:

The videos were a huge success and the team involved in this production decided that together we should help RGU:TV be more successful as a society, produce more content and gain more members. I myself am the Head of Events and Coordination and we have a great team, even though it’s a small one just now!

Interested in getting involved?
After two of our members attended the NASTA Awards in Leeds, we realised that as a station we need to grow so that we are able to have more members and thus be able to take on more opportunities. What we have going on just now is a lot of videos planned for Open Days and Fresher’s week to help new-coming students settle in, we have videos in collaboration with the British Natural Strongman Competition and many more in the books!

Who we are looking for?
Firstly, if you are a media student, this will be the best experience for you! As we often hear, we will be among thousands graduating with the same degree, so opportunities like this will help you build up your experience and portfolio and also help you gain more contacts.

Secondly, if you are studying a related degree to media, this will help open up the range of skills you have and make you more versatile and knowledgeable which is always a bonus!

Thirdly, if you are studying something completely unrelated, but have a passion for filming and creativity, then this is perfect for you! It’s an extra thing to do in your free time and we are very flexible with which projects you want to participate in!

And finally for all the members, it will be a good stress reliever from all the stressful assignments! We will not only be filming throughout the year, but we will also be hosting socials to get to know each other, have fun and just enjoy the experience!

I hope to see a lot of new faces at fresher’s 2017 to join RGU:TV!

Petra x

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