MY RGU Graduation Experience


Lizzy graduationOn the lead up to graduation, I really had in my mind that it was going to be this massive day where I would feel completely majestic and it would be the perfect end to the last four years of my degree. However, it was over so fast I didn’t really have chance for that feeling to settle in.

My biggest fear was falling off the stage and making a fool of myself. Thank goodness that didn’t happen! After the ceremony, which was over much quicker than I expected, the “photo shoot” began. This was when I realised how busy and how massive graduation is. Gowns, parents and people everywhere. It was almost impossible to find space to get a picture. In the end, we settled for the union terrace gardens which actually ended up being the perfect spot.

After many pictures with many people, I went for a meal with my parents and boyfriend, returned my gown and got back to my flat. By this point it really felt like it had been such a long day, and I was more than ready to put my feet up and tend to the blister that had evolved throughout the day!

What a day this was. My flatmate and I held a get-together with friends to relax throughout the day whilst having plenty of nibbles and getting ready as a group. In theory this was going to be fairly relaxing, but somehow time seemed to fly by and I still managed to rush getting ready! Once we arrived at the beach ballroom, we all found our table and got the mandatory selfies and group photos! To be honest, from this point onwards, it was an emotional affair on my part! Definitely a night I will remember forever, and the end to my university experience.

Now that I’ve had chance to think about the past week (and the last four years), I feel like my university experience has really gone by so fast and it’s definitely brought on a mixture of relief and sadness. I have enjoyed university so much, not seeing people every day and having a million deadlines to work on is going to take some getting used to. Of course, if I end up doing my masters, the cycle will start again but for now, I’m looking to the future and hoping to bag myself a job to begin my career with a ‘big girl job’. I’ve got my fingers crossed and giving my all to interviews and applications, I guess I’ll just have to see what the future holds.

lizzy graduation1.jpg

Last but certainly not least, I want to say the biggest thank you to everyone who has supported me on this rollercoaster of a journey. I would not be able to have made it here without you and thanks to RGU for my university experience and for giving me some fancy letters after my name.

Until next time,

Lizzy BSc Hons

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