How To Beat Procrastination Over Summer When You Need To Study

So summer has hit and instead of enjoying the few days of sunshine your mind is elsewhere because somewhere, deep down, you know you should be studying. Whether it’s for resits or you’re on a course that extends over the summer months take solace in the fact there are many others in the same position as you. Although at times it doesn’t feel like it!

Being one of these people myself I am no stranger to the grips of procrastination so I know once it sets in everything seems ten times harder. If you’re feeling unmotivated or would like to ramp up your studying efforts here are some solutions I have found to studying challenges.

Challenge: No motivation after a long day
At the end of a long day exhaustion sets in and all motivation has left the building. You’ve spent all day working and just want to relax and put your feet up. Netflix is looking very appealing and Dominos has just texted you to let you know about an excellent discount on pizza. Does this sound familiar?

Solution: Wake up earlier
When my friend first suggested this to me I honestly thought she was joking. I protested I wasn’t a morning person and that this was not going to work for me. However the more I thought about it the more it made sense.

Steer clear of Red Bull fuelled all nighters and instead try waking up even just an hour earlier. Over the course of week you’ll see a significant improvement in how much you’re able to get done. Start small. Read some of a book or make a plan for the day – it doesn’t have to be full blown essay writing at six in the morning.

Challenge: Studying is boring
There are few people who actually enjoy studying, but unfortunately it is just part of the package to getting a degree.

Solution: Reward yourself for trying
Make targets for the day and smaller targets from hour to hour then reward yourself accordingly. Done 400 words today? You’ve earned a movie. A bit less? An episode of your favourite TV show. Throughout the day give yourself breaks and commend yourself on the fact you’re doing something even if it is just a small amount. You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great!

Challenge: Too many distractions at home
Flatmates, outside noises, lunch, bed – home is rife with distractions, and the worst distraction of all is the temptation to stay around them. At home you can find just about anything as an excuse for not doing work, and almost feel justified in doing so.

Solution: Go to the library
It really is a no brainer, and especially if the library isn’t close by to you that’s even more of an excuse to go as you don’t want your journey out there to be for nothing. Stock up on snacks, take a study partner – do whatever you need to do to get there. Once you do don’t forget you’re there for a reason and set yourself a leaving time or end goal.

I hope these solutions have been in someway useful and if you have any of your own that I’ve missed out I would love to read about them so just pop them in the comments below.

Remember once the work is done you can enjoy yourself guilt free and that it will all be worth it in the end.

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