Month: July 2016

MY RGU Graduation Experience


Lizzy graduationOn the lead up to graduation, I really had in my mind that it was going to be this massive day where I would feel completely majestic and it would be the perfect end to the last four years of my degree. However, it was over so fast I didn’t really have chance for that feeling to settle in.

My biggest fear was falling off the stage and making a fool of myself. Thank goodness that didn’t happen! After the ceremony, which was over much quicker than I expected, the “photo shoot” began. This was when I realised how busy and how massive graduation is. Gowns, parents and people everywhere. It was almost impossible to find space to get a picture. In the end, we settled for the union terrace gardens which actually ended up being the perfect spot. (more…)

How To Beat Procrastination Over Summer When You Need To Study

So summer has hit and instead of enjoying the few days of sunshine your mind is elsewhere because somewhere, deep down, you know you should be studying. Whether it’s for resits or you’re on a course that extends over the summer months take solace in the fact there are many others in the same position as you. Although at times it doesn’t feel like it! (more…)

Reaching the end of my RGU degree

Hey everyone, I know it’s been a little while but let me tell you a lot has happened in these last few weeks but more importantly the chaos is now over. I really can’t quite believe that I have finished my fourth and final year of RGU, as it only seems yesterday I had my first day of first year.  (more…)

Placement Students at Anderson Anderson Brown LLP (AAB)

jessica middleton

Jessica Middleton (Human Resources Advisor)

We were delighted to be asked to feature as a ‘guest blogger’ on the RGU student blog and talk about the great experiences we have had working with placement students from the University.  So, where do we begin?! (more…)

My Experience as a Land Yacht Engineer: Part 2 – Fabrication

My Experience as a Land Yacht Engineer: Part 2 – Fabrication

In this second entry, I am going to give an overview of the fabrication phase of the land yacht project—which may be summarised as follows:

 Nothing costs quite what you want it to…

Nothing works quite like it’s designed to…

Nothing is finished quite when it’s meant to be… (more…)

Let’s Get Analytical about this Placement

I have been on placement with RGU for two weeks now and feel like I have comfortably settled into my role within the analytical laboratories. Most people don’t realise that RGU offers students on undergraduate science degrees the chance to undertake ‘sandwich’ placements between third and fourth year. (more…)