Considering Postgraduate Study at RGU?

My name’s Efia and I’m an MSc Digital Marketing student at RGU. Before that I spent four years (also at RGU) studying for a BA (Hons) degree in Media. After handing in my dissertation last year and tasting my much-awaited freedom, postgraduate study was the furthest thing from my mind. I thought it would be far too much hard work. As far as I was concerned, my studying years were over. However, somewhere along the line my ambitions changed.

Suddenly, the idea of postgraduate study didn’t seem that daunting. I realised there were gaps in my knowledge I wanted to fill before entering the working world and so it was decided I would do a postgraduate degree! If you’re considering postgraduate study or are just interested in learning more about what it entails here are my three top tips for you.

Research the course

Postgraduate study is very focused on one specific area, so it pays to do your research. Make sure that the degree you’re committing to is something that interests you. I learned that the teaching methods vary from course to course. My course for example is very practical and is 100% assessed by coursework with no exams (yay!). The assessments are very varied and a lot of our work is assessed on our own student led platform, which encompasses web design, content creation and behind the scenes technical skills too. This is my preferred learning style, but what works for you might be different!

Check what funding is available

When deciding to do postgraduate study a big factor for me in my decision process was the cost of another degree.One of the benefits of doing my postgraduate study at RGU was that as a previous student I was granted a 20% discount. This was a huge saving on the total course costs!

The university also offers scholarships and bursaries based on your area of study. I was lucky enough to receive the Carnegie-Cameron Taught Postgraduate Bursary and that covered the rest of my tuition fees. There are loads of grants and scholarships out there, but they are in high demand so make sure you get your applications in early.

Consider your employment options

Postgraduate study has the potential to be a great investment in your future. The knowledge you can gain through additional study may even be crucial to your future career. I chose to study an MSc in Digital Marketing as I knew there was a huge skills gap in this area and I wanted to be ahead of the curve. Is there an area you’re passionate about that would improve your standing in the job market?

So there you have it, my three top tips for postgrad study! I hope you’ve found them useful as I’ve tried to include things that I found important in my personal decision process. If you have any questions that I haven’t answered feel free to leave them in the comments and I’ll answer them if I can!

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