RGU Dance Society

RGU dance society started 2 years ago and I’ve been part of it since the beginning. I started off as a regular class member but I was later asked to help out with teaching. The dance society runs every week at RGU Sport for 2 hours. During these sessions, we practice different styles of dancing. We have two teachers Adebusola Fashade who teaches  jazz and contemporary and Debora Dimitrova who is responsible for hip hop and street dance. I love participating in these classes, it’s a really fun atmosphere and every week my versatility improves with  the different styles we are learning.

During the year we have become a small family as we all love dancing and have common goals to train for. The RGU Dance society always enters dance competitions and so far we have competed in contemporary, jazz, hip hop, and the fresher categories. We had a good time practicing for the competition, and came to realise 2 hours a week was not enough time. Our weekly sessions slowly escalated to 8 hours a week. We are all really dedicated and usually start our classes at 7am so we can all make it to our morning tutorials. As I am a dance teacher in commercial and hip hop I was asked to choreograph part of the hip hop routine along with Raya Kovacheva. Together our routine helped us to achieve 2nd place in the hip hop category in Dundee and we also came 3rd place in the Fresher’s and Jazz categories (which were choreographed by myself and created by Adebusula Fashade).

The RGU Dance Society has been a fun extra curricular activity at university and I am very proud of my group and the achievements we’ve accomplished together. We all put 100% dedication into our performances and have a lot of fun memories as a team.


Photo Credit: Jacquette Clark Photography

Olivia Steidl
Third Year, Events Management

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