10 Historical Facts on RGU and Aberdeen

Here are 10 interesting facts about RGU and Aberdeen!

  1. Architects Norman Foster and Partners who designed the Millenium Bridge also designed Aberdeen Business School building.

    Photo Credits: http://www.az.co.uk

  2. This one will be a nice surprise for football fans! Sir Alex Ferguson has an Honorary Degree from RGU! (Doctor of Laws 1997)history2

    Photo Credits: www.thetimes.co.uk

  3. Did you know that in 1965 Robert Gordon University was called Robert Gordon’s Institute of Technology? It was the time when the university began to provide degree-level education.
    Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 11.04.17 AM
  4. Another fact, that will probably  be a surprise  is that RGU still have a presence in the city centre! There is an administration building at Schoolhill. In 1885 it was Gray’s School of Art building, and then it was converted to administrative use in the 1960s.history3

    Photo Credits: www.skyscrappercity.co.uk

  5. Now, that technology is taking over our lives and we can communicate though emails, Facebook and other social media platforms, there less need to send letters. Nonetheless, sometimes we do have to go to the post office to send something. Back in the time, people were using wax stamps to seal the envelope. Luckily for us, we now have self-sealing envelopes that were invented in Aberdeen! Also, in the late 19th Century Aberdeen was the British Centre for envelope production.history4

    Photo Credit: www.theenvelopefactory.co.uk

  6. Planted in 1935, Hazlehead Park has the oldest maze in Scotland!history5

    Photo Credit: www.waymarking.co.uk

  7. Sir David Gill, who took the first photograph of the moon in 1868, was born in Aberdeen.

    Photo Credit: www.en.wikipedia.com

  8. Union Bridge is the largest single-span granite arch in the world.history7

    Photo Credit: The Doric Collums

  9. Robert Henderson designed the first iron lung in Aberdeen in 1933. An iron lung was a medical device which was designed to help patients breathe.
    iron lung

    Photo Credit: http://www.scotlandnow.dailyrecord.co.uk

  10. Rose Leslie aka “You Know Nothing, Jon Snow” is from Aberdeen.

rose leslie.jpg

Photo Credit: http://www.gold-faces.com



  1. Many incredible business people from across the Globe attended RGU and continue to do so by Distance learning The numbers increase every year. I gained a Masters by research in 2016 and have since built a 190 bed Community Hospital in Dubai
    Ordinary people doing extraordinary things.
    I enjoyed my research and will go on to complete a PhD…It’s just timing.


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