Have the RGU Union Experience

While coming to university is about learning, sitting exams, absorbing knowledge, it’s also all about having fun, and having the kinds of crazy experiences that you can only have when you are a student. That is where your students’ union comes in. RGU:Union exists to make sure your student experience is the best it can be. As the elected student President (Communication and Democracy) at RGU:Union, I want to let you know a little bit more about what your union does.

First things first, the union is a separate organisation to the university, but all students are automatically members. One of the main things we do for students is provide opportunities. If you are a new student coming to RGU, the first time you’ll meet us is probably Freshers Week. We are responsible for organising your big welcome to university life with events, gatherings, club nights and much more. We want to make sure you have fun, meet new people, and have some amazing experiences.

Beyond Freshers Week, we have hundreds of other opportunities for students too. We have dozens of societies and sports clubs, which are student groups with particular interests that host events, compete in sports matches, run meetings and much more. We also have student media groups (like RGU:Radio, RGU:TV and Radar Magazine), fundraising groups (known as RGU:RAG), and support groups (like RGU:Nightline). Whatever your interests are, there is something for you to do at RGU:Union!

As well as providing opportunities, we also are the voice of students at RGU. The Union is run by a team of elected student Presidents and Vice Presidents. I am one of those guys! Our job is to both run the organisation, and to represent your views, fight for the changes you want to see, and work in partnership with the university to make sure they have your best interests at heart. We have various other representatives too, such as class representatives, faculty officers, international representatives, equality champions, societies and sports forums and much more. We are always working to listen to your feedback and make the changes you want to see.

Finally, we are here to support students too. We have independent advice and support services, meaning you will always have someone to turn to if times get tough. We want to build a strong community of students who are supported, represented and having fun! There is plenty of other activities, events, and projects we work on (our Deeview Student Shop, Graduation Ball and RGU Go Green, just to name a few) but this is a basic overview.

Coming to university is a massive opportunity and a chance to have some incredible experiences. We want to play a big part in that experience and make sure you have as much fun as possible. Remember, if you have questions, want to know more, or just want a chat, just pop by our offices on University Street (under RGU:Sport), and we’ll be more than happy to help!


RGU Union President- Edward Pollock

Check out the RGU Union on Social Media:
Facebook: www.fb.com/rguunion
Twitter: www.twitter.com/rguunion

Edward Pollock
President (Communications and Democracy)


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