Thinking about my Next Steps

When I think back to first year, it seems like it was just yesterday. Yet here I am, in the final weeks of my fourth year. More importantly, the END of my degree! The job hunt has begun, and so far, the big bad world seems pretty scary.

The most important thing I have found during my search is to keep an open mind. I was initially after a dream job, which I’ve accepted won’t necessarily come to me as soon as I graduate. Once I grasped that reality, everything became a lot easier to deal with.

The first hurdle in any job search is trying to decipher what the employer is looking for from you. Once you understand that, adjusting your CV becomes a whole lot easier. I definitely feel that making your CV personal to the job is a massive bonus on your chances of making the next stage. (I have found the Careers service really useful for constructing my CV and I recommend it to anyone who is at the same stage as me!)

The next step is the application itself. Adapting to the employers needs whether it be submitting simply a CV, cover letter or a vigorous online application, making sure you put yourself across in the best possible light is extremely important. In addition, I have learnt that during this process, having the capability to believe in yourself is crucial. I have found it easy to fall into the pit of feeling like nobody will take me for a job because I won’t be qualified enough or have the relative experience the employer is looking for. Slowly this is becoming slightly easier, but will certainly take some time to perfect. I just keep telling myself “what have I got to lose?”

Another venue I have opened myself up to is postgraduate education. I will be honest; I did have the perfect PhD lined up for me, however, thanks to my performance in my January exam, the opportunity has vanished. This in itself was a massive knock back, and I will forever think about what I could have done better. However, I have tried my hardest to pick myself up, and tell myself that everything happens for a reason. Since then, I have applied for a Masters course at RGU and have received a conditional offer!

Like my personality, I am forever evolving with my ideas and plans, and just hope that someone will see something in me that they believe in. I am always ready for a challenge, and can’t wait to see what my future will hold.

For now, I am going to keep searching, and will seize whatever opportunities come my way.

Until next time,

Lizzy x


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