Being a Vegetarian at RGU

I would like to put in a little disclaimer; If you eat meat, that’s perfectly fine, it’s your life and your choice, and I would never try to push anyone into being vegetarian!

I’m Lizzy and I’m a vegetarian. This is a very new thing for me, as I have only become meat-free in the past few months. However, in these few months, I have learnt a lot! RGU offer many societies for students to join and I was thrilled when I found out there was a Vegan & Vegetarian society. Being part of this society made my transition to being vegetarian a lot easier (which I’ll talk about more later).

Unfortunately, despite vegetarianism and veganism becoming an increasingly popular lifestyle, there is a lot of bad press around the whole thing.

Personally, I went vegetarian for health reasons. I have arthritis and read about diets that can help. It is known to be beneficial to have at least two thirds of your diet plant-based if you are looking to manage your arthritis in a more natural way. So, me being me, I decided to throw myself in at the deep end and go vegetarian. I would have to say, it’s maybe been the best thing I have ever done. Within the first few weeks I noticed massive changes in my joints, which to me is crazy, as I hadn’t realised how bad they were beforehand.

Now that I have been vegetarian for a while, I feel like I can share a few things that I really enjoy.

1. RGU Vegan & Vegetarian Society

For anyone who is newly vegan or vegetarian, the Vegan & Vegetarian society is a great place to find people who can give you tips and to make some friends, if, like me, none of your friends are vegetarian or vegan. The society run meals out, bake sales, and other events so that everyone can get involved. (Check out the Facebook page –RGU Vegan & Vegetarian society – for updates and recommendations of places to eat).

RGU’s catering service ‘Made’ have their own blog on vegan and vegetarian food on campus-  ‘Made’ promote healthy eating at the university and give tips on how to eat vegan on campus. This is not just a blog for vegans and vegetarians, if you’re interested in living a healthy lifestyle it is definitely worth having a look.

Photo Credit: Facebook: RGU Vegan & Vegetarian Society)
RGU Salad Box (Photo Credit: @made_rgu)

2. Quorn

Who knew?! Before becoming vegetarian I literally hated the idea of quorn and everything about it made me cringe. However, it has become my saviour when I’m looking for more of a “meaty” dish.


A very obvious one, however I realised that before becoming vegetarian, I really didn’t eat many vegetables. Since making the transition to veggie, I have pushed myself to try new vegetables and experiment with my meals a lot more.

4. My spiralizer

This piece of equipment has changed my life. I would recommend this to anyone, meat-eater, vegetarian or even vegan, as it is honestly AWESOME. For those of you who don’t know what a spiralizer is, it basically can turn your vegetables into noodles (cool, right?!).

5. Eating out

As much as this can be a hassle sometimes, I feel like some restaurants and cafés just manage to get it right. Foodstory, situated on Thistle Street, is definitely one of these places. More information can be found on their Facebook page ( )

I hope this breaks down the stigma of being vegetarian, as I will openly admit, I never thought that I would be vegetarian before my transition, but here I am, and I can’t see myself turning back any time soon!

I’ll leave you with this quote;

“Vegetables are a must on a diet. I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread, and pumpkin pie.” – Jim Davis, American Cartoonist

Until next time,

Lizzy x


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