Hey!  I’m Anastasia, a third year International Business Management student from Russia.  Like most people my age, I’m trying to figure out what it is I want to do in my life. I have tried many different things and my hobbies have changed a lot over the years. Some of my old hobbies took a new form and recently I got interested in graphic and digital design.

When I was moving to Aberdeen and going to the university it didn’t seem like a big deal to me.  At that point I felt like a grown person with formed interests and beliefs and I definitely haven’t thought that those will change a lot. Try to be open-minded about yourself when going to the university. I can assure you that you and your interests will change. You might even lose some of your old good friends, which can be hard. However, it won’t be long until you find new ones, which will probably become your friends for life.

As for my course, I have always enjoyed learning about different countries and cultures so I decided to study International Business Management.  RGU Business School’s reputation and opportunity to have a year long industrial placement were the main reasons why I decided to study at RGU. I’m currently undertaking my yearlong placement at RGU. It is interesting to have this behind the scenes experience and learn how university works.

I’m excited to blog and share my experience at RGU and Aberdeen with you!



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