So… Exam time. Some tips to help the revision blues.

First of all, Happy new year! It seems crazy that its already 2016, how time flies! Unfortunately, the majority of us have to start the year studying in preparation for exams. Me included. I always find exam time a rollercoaster of emotions, where I am generally fairly relaxed about the whole thing, but panic can easily hit me and severely stress me out!

I’m maybe the worst person at listening to my own advice, but I thought I’d attempt to compile a top ten tips for keeping sane while studying.

1. Get organised

I’d say this is definitely an important tip to try and follow. Keeping organised will make the whole process of exams a lot easier. Give yourself plenty of time to revise, as rushing will only put you under more pressure. Whether it’s making up a study plan timetable, or even just buying new notebooks/pens, some sort of organisation will take a weight of your shoulders without you even realizing.

2. Fuel yourself

Looking after your body and trying to eat healthy is crucial to keeping focused. Try to load up on those veggies and cut down on the chocolate and snacking, and productivity will naturally come. Also, hydrate yourself! Try to up your water intake and you’ll soon find your energy levels increasing! A healthy body makes for a healthy mind.

3. Venture outside

There is no point in locking yourself in your room to study because you’ll eventually grow tired and bored of the environment you’re in. Stimulate your senses and embrace a bit of fresh air, whether you are walking your dog or hitting the shops, a little break won’t do you any harm.

4. Be patient

If you are finding it tough to grasp a topic, don’t get yourself in a rut and panic, because you’re already wasting energy doing so. Do a little bit of research and if that doesn’t help, ask a friend or even your lecturer to help you. Don’t be afraid to ask for support!

5. Take breaks

If you feel yourself starting to procrastinate, stop the studying and do something productive that you enjoy (Exactly what I’m doing by writing this post in fact!). Trying to combat both studying and looking for some new clothes online is just not going to work. The more focused you can be when getting down to studying, the better.

6. Find your jam

Down to personal preference of course, but some people concentrate better listening to music. Get yourself a playlist that gets you in the zone and find that song that gets you on the right track. An extra point I would make is to listen to songs that don’t have any lyrics, that way, you’re not singing along and taking your mind off what is infront of you.

7. Keep everything in perspective

When you think about it, you’re doing all this revision for what is going to be a portion of one day in your life. Of course, you want to pass, purely so you don’t have to put yourself through the revision again! Keep telling yourself that, and it might not make your exam as big a deal as you think it is.

8. Stay human!

It’s easy to go into robot mode when it comes to studying for exams. Wake, study, eat, repeat. Obviously a routine is a good thing, but if your friends and family are trying to communicate with you and keep you involved, let it happen every so often! The exam won’t be around forever but your friends and family will, so treat them well! Also, if you’re feeling upset or stressed, let it all out, bottling things up won’t help you focus, so listen to your body and let yourself have feelings!

9. Sleep

Remember that sleep is vital to keep your body functioning properly! So if you are partial to being a night owl, maybe try to cut back and get an earlier night, your body will thank you! If you find it hard to get to sleep, try using a couple relaxation methods to send you to the land of nod. Here is one I find particularly helpful: .

10. You are your own worst enemy

If you find yourself turning into a crazed mess as exams are approaching, remember that it isn’t who you normally are. Don’t let your mental health slide, and listen to your body as much as possible. If you know that you’re not going to concentrate, don’t force it. Also don’t beat yourself up about not getting that PowerPoint finished or not managing to do as much revision as you had hoped, IT IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD. It will all be fine. Promise.

So there you go! I hope that these tips will help you in some way tackle those exams head on and boost your studying to its full potential! Just try your best, and remember that there is more to life than revision!

Good luck to you all,

Until next time,

Lizzy x


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