Christmas in Aberdeen

To me, Christmas resembles cheesy songs on repeat, red Starbucks cups, excitement of buying presents, all things spiced and cinnamon flavoured, stressful uni deadlines and being able to go home and spend time with family (and most importantly, my dogs). I also have come to realise that it’s really the lead up to Christmas that makes it a special time of year. Obviously the day itself is great and all (especially the food), but the build up always brings something new to the season, which I love.

When it comes to Aberdeen, one of the most exciting parts of the Christmas season is the Christmas lights. Union Street really does transform once they are switched on and the whole atmosphere completely changes. I love it. One thing this year, which has also had me very excited, is the Winter Wonderland on Union Terrace (just off Union Street). Like any typical Christmas market, there are hot dogs, mulled wine, craft stalls and even an ice-skating rink. Yes, it is substantially smaller than London’s one, but that is

Bridge Street looking towards the entrance of the Winter Wonderland

A couple photos of the stalls seen as you walk through the Winter Wonderland

ice rink

The ice-rink

Whilst taking some of these photos, I happened to come across a sign advertising a free art exhibition, which I leaped at the chance to have a look at, and I can say that I was definitely not disappointed! Amanda Parer ( is an Australian artist who has her installation “Intrude” displayed in the centre of the Union Terrace gardens, in the heart of Aberdeen. The installation consists of what can only be described as very large, illuminated, inflated rabbits. Sounds a bit crazy I know, but in the dark, they look spectacular.


A picture from afar of all the rabbits


Just for reference of size, they are huge!

Overall, as I mentioned before, the atmosphere of Aberdeen at Christmas time is definitely worth making the most of. Filled with many different things to do and menus to try, the choice is endless. As much as I am happy to be heading home for Christmas, there will definitely be a part of me that will miss Aberdeen whilst I am away.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you,

Until next time,


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